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KW Air Stone Blister (6 inch) 气泡石

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  • Length : 4 inch (10cm)
  • Length : 6 inch (15cm)

  • Aerates 充气
  • Decorates 装饰
  • Water Circulates 水循环


  • Create a fine bubble mist that helps to remove toxic gases from your aquarium & aerate the water for your fish
  • Ideal for all general purpose aeration needs
  • Give your vessel a health & marvel boost by introducing air stone one into your vessel
  • Revamps your vessel by up circulation, aeration and decorative choices
  • Offers your underwater academic degree amazing look where's at a similar time breaks the water on the surface to boost aeration

  • 创造一个精细的泡沫雾, 有助于去除水族箱中的有毒气体, 为鱼类充气
  • 适用于所有通用充气需求. 水族缸造流动或气泡。
  • 通过将空气石一个引入您的容器, 为您的船提供健康和惊叹
  • 通过循环,通风和装饰选择来改造您的容器
  • 提供您的水下学术程度惊人的外观,在相似的时间打破表面上的水, 以提高充气
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