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Kelah Hijau 8"

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Kelah Hijau

Scientific name(s) : Tor Tambroides, Tor Tambra

English name(s) : Malaysian Green Mahseer,  Thai Green Mahseer, Greater Brook Carp

Local name(s) : 
Kelah (Peninsular Malaysia), Empurau/Semah (Sarawak), Pelian (Sabah)

Salient features : Large strong head, thick lips with median lobe lower lip. Body cylindrical with slight compression, large scales. Colour ranger from pale to bright red. Large forked tail and rudder-like anal fin.

Distribution : Indian, Myanmar, Thailand, Borneo, Sumatra.

Habits : Station itself in prime lies where its needs of security, shelter and food it readily served. May forage in shallow areas or close to rapids it is assured of security. A very shy fish.

Diet : Jungle fruits, insects, crustaceans. When mature, it may forage on small baitfish.