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Aquarium Top Filter JIX-268F

RM 23.00

Power: 10W

F.Max: 880L\H

A handy aquarium filter specially design to fit on any aquarium of 42 to 78cm in size .Compact to save space and easy to assemble.
The pump is totally submerge to increase the circulation of water in the tank.
Supply oxygen.
The pump must be kept in water at all time.
When cleaning the pump, make sure to disconnect the electricity.


  • Ideal water circulator &  oxygenator used for powering undergravel filters, wavemakers, sponge filters & for water pumping.
  • Absorb dirt, keep water clean, suitable for any aquarium and all kinds of filtration.
  • Completely submersible motor, safe & rely quiet operation.
  • Suitable for fresh and sea water.