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JB Sinking Fish Pellets Food 60g

RM 5.30

Name         :     JB Sinking Pro Bio-Tic Fish Food
Brand         :     JB

Food designed for: Bottom swim fish such as Plecos, Loaches, Shrimps etc
Features    :

  • Pro-Biotic Formula
  • No Hormone added for colour enhancing
  • Hi growth
  • ISO-22000 certified by SGS, Swiss; Traceability system introduced.
  • Use imported high quality fish meal and fish oil only.
  • No terrestrial animal meals in formulas; Non-GMO soybean added only.
  • Excellent water-stability to minimize water pollution

Ingredient    :

  • Fish Meal/Oil Country of origin: Chile, Peru
  • Production of vegetable origin
  • Defatted soybean meal Country of origin: U.S.A
  • Wheat Flour Country of origin: Australia, Japan
  • Yeast Powder Country of Origin: Brazil
  • Soybean lecithin Country of Origin: Taiwan

Size         :  Medium
Weight         :  150g

Guarantee Analysis
Protein        >45%
Fat              >10%
Ash             Fiber            Moisture