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Jaguar Cichlid (Managua) 淡水石斑 2.5"

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Jaguar cichlid (Parachromis managuensis), earlier addressed as (Cichlasoma managuense) or managuense cichlid is a large, raptorial, but very beautiful fish, and it is good for large cichlid fans.

Unlike other cichlid fishes jaguar cichlid obtains the most of its color when it becomes reproductive.

For example, the juveniles have noticeable black bands on their body and the mature fish becomes spotted, so due to these spots they got their “jaguar” name.

In the wild managuense fish max size is about 60 cm and it weighs about several kilos. In a tank the fish grows significantly smaller – about 40 cm in length.

淡水石斑 Parachromis managuensis, 早期称为 Cichlasoma managuense 或 managuense cichlid 是一种大型,猛禽但非常漂亮的鱼,它对大型丽鱼科动物有好处。



*Note 备注: Due to maturity and growing up period, colors of products may appear different to those shown on the site. 由于成熟和成长期, 产品的颜色可能与网站上显示的颜色不同.

在野外managuense鱼最大尺寸约60厘米,它重约几公斤。 在鱼缸中,鱼的生长明显变小 - 长约40厘米。

由于它的大小和侵略性的脾气,最好将美洲虎慈鲷与其他鱼类分开饲养在一个生物群落中,这提醒它是中美洲的盆地,当然,人们应该避免将鱼保持在一个坦克中,这种鱼只有一条小而不那么具侵略性的鱼作为坦克 伴侣。