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Hydrocotyle sp Japan(*Buy 10 Free1)

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Hydrocotyle sp Japan is a variety of Hydrocotyle tripartita deriving from South-East-Asia.
This plant is distinguished by very quick growth. It is able to reach the shape of compact and compressed form.This takes place specially while an aquarium is strong lighted. When the light is proper, Hydrocotyle grows to the size of 5 - 10 cm. When Hydrocotyle has got small lighting. it gets to be slimmer, higher and more delicate.
Hydrocotyle sp Japan is a fantastic foreground plant. Its gentle structure and light green leaves correspond wonderfully with other foreground plants such us : Lilaeopsis, Glossostigma , Micranthenum ,Pogestemon or Eleocharis. This plant should be trimmed frequently. Soon after trimming we can easily achieve a powerful quantity of plants, which grouped together, create the lush landscape.
Hydrocotyle sp Japan requires water of about 22 - 28 degrees centigrades. It is quite easily adaptable to the reaction of water. It will grow well where pH  is : 6,0 - 7,7.Special notice needs to be given to the light. Moderate to intensive lighting of aquarium is preferred to
Hydrocotyle sp. „Japan” This plant expands really quickly. It can be grown in small and large aquariums at home but not only. Many professional aquariums are planted by Hydrocotyle Japan. Her small, arranged horizontally, green leaves pay the attention to many aquarium fans.