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High Back Golden Arowana 高背金龙 5"

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Species name:  Scleropages formosus

Common Names: Super High Back Arowana

Max. size: 24 inches

Environment:  freshwater

Origin:  Asia. Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam

Temperament:  Relatively non-aggressive towards fishes that are to big to be considered food.

Company:  Larger non aggressive species.

Water parameters:  pH 6.5-7.5, temperature 25-30°C / 77-86° F

Aquarium setup:  Large aquariums with a lot of free areas to swim on. This species is an excellent jumper so a secure top is necessary. The bottom decoration is of less importance since this fish dwells in the upper water regions. A few larger floating plants are appreciated.
Do not use sharp objects since arowanas are easily frightened and might hurt themselves And an adult asian arowana will require about 6 months to regenerate a dropped scale..

Feeding:  Accepts all kind of live food

Breeding: Have been breed in aquariums and then under highly monitored conditions. Asian arowanas are usually breed in large outdoor ponds in Asia.