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Hi Fin Banded Shark 一帆风顺

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Hi Fin Banded Shark 一帆风顺 4.5"

High Fin Banded Sharks have thick fleshy lips with small papillae and a single row of pharyngeal teeth. They are docile, slow moving bottom dwellers that make perfect community tank residents and although they can be kept as individuals, they are frequently kept in small shoals in an aquarium environment. Because they are slow growing and long lived (up to 25 years)

It has declined drastically due to pollution, dams (preventing its natural breeding migration), overfishing, introduced species and collection for the aquarium trade.As a consequence it has been placed on the Chinese list of endangered species and is a state protected species. 由于污染,水坝(防止其自然繁殖迁移),过度捕捞,引进物种和水族贸易收集,它已大幅下降。因此,它已被列入中国濒危物种名单,是一个受国家保护的物种。