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Heat Pack 40hrs (Buy 10 Free 1)

RM 3.30

Brand: Ocean Free
Size: 13cm x 10cm
Content: 1 Warmer / pack
Duration of Heat : 40hrs
Average Temperature: 122F
Max Temperature: 149F

Ocean Free Professional Heat Pack is made from special selected raw material under the process of latest technology. This product is able to provide heating needs up to 40hrs time span. Each and every Heat Pack is also processed under stringent quality control measures before releasing from production.


  • For shipping of tropical fishes.
  • Also for edible/other fish shipment use.
  • Applicable for other general use as well


  • Remove Heat Pack from the wrapper (plastic bag) and shake before application.
  • Heat Pack will warm up within a few minutes
  • Heating process will start after removal from wrapper.


Activated carbon 7%
Iron Powder 58%
Water 18%
Belmilite 14%
Salt 3%

Always keep it dry, will not be effective if wet. Store in cool place and do not expose to direct sunlight.