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GT Giant Trevally 浪人鲹/巨型金骨 (Fresh Water 淡水) 2.5"

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The giant trevally (Caranx ignobilis), also known as the lowly trevally, barrier trevally, giant kingfish or ulua, is a species of large marine fish classified in the jack family, Carangidae. The giant trevally is distributed throughout the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region, with a range stretching from South Africa in the west to Hawaii in the east, including Japan in the north and Australia in the south. Two were documented in the eastern tropical Pacific in the 2010s (one captured off Panama and another sighted at the Galápagos), but it remains to be seen if the species will become established there.

The giant trevally is distinguished by its steep head profile, strong tail scutes, and a variety of other more detailed anatomical features. It is normally a silvery colour with occasional dark spots, but males may be black once they mature. It is the largest fish in the genus Caranx, growing to a maximum known size of 170 cm (67 in) and a weight of 80 kg (176 lbs). The giant trevally inhabits a wide range of marine environments, from estuaries, shallow bays and lagoons as a juvenile to deeper reefs, offshore atolls and large embayments as an adult. Juveniles of the species are known to live in waters of very low salinity such as coastal lakes and upper reaches of rivers, and tend to prefer turbid waters.

The giant trevally is an apex predator in most of its habitats, and is known to hunt individually and in schools. The species predomin

巨型金骨鱼(Caranx ignobilis),也称为tre鱼,巨型金骨鱼或ulua,是一种大型海洋鱼类,归类于蜥蜴科(Carangidae)。巨大的tre鱼分布在印度洋 - 太平洋地区的热带水域,其范围从西部的南非到东部的夏威夷,包括北部的日本和南部的澳大利亚。在2010年的热带太平洋东部记录了两个(一个在巴拿马捕获,另一个在加拉帕戈斯看到),但是这个物种是否会在那里建立还有待观察.



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