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Golden Mbuna/Pseudotropheus Auratus 黃肚

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Pseudotropheus Auratus 黃肚 3cm

Melanochromis Auratus, the Auratus Cichlid, is a freshwater fish of the cichlid family. It is also known as golden mbuna and Malawi golden cichlid. It is endemic to the southern region of Lake Malawi, particularly from Jalo Reef southward along the entire western coast down to Crocodile Rocks.

金缕梅(Melanochromis auratus)是一种鸢尾属(cichlid)的淡水鱼。 它也被称为金色mbuna和马拉维金色丽鱼。 它是马拉维湖南部地区的特有种,特别是从Jalo Reef南部沿整个西海岸到鳄鱼岩。(中文: 英语翻译成中文)