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Dwarf Honey Gourami 金咖啡丽丽 1.5"

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Maximum Size: 5cm

Spend much of its time in the mid and top water areas among floating plants, occasionally taking air from the surface. Honey Gourami come in an array of colours, standard colour is a gold/honey colour.

Honey Gourami aren't fussy eaters and will take good quality flake foods and algae wafers as well as small live and frozen foods which they are very fond of and occasional green vegetables.
Honey Gourami combine well with other small, peaceful community fish, but should not be mixed with other Gourami, Betta Splendens or too many additional top-dwelling fish.

大部分时间都花在漂浮植物的中部和顶部水域,偶尔从地面吸取空气。 金咖啡莉莉有多种颜色可供选择,标准颜色为金色/蜂蜜色。

金咖啡莉莉与其他小型和平的社区鱼类结合得很好,但不应与其他Gourami,Betta Splendens或太多额外的顶栖鱼混合. (中文: 英语翻译成中文)