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Golden Cobra Snakehead 6"

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Species name:  Channa aurantimaculata

Synonym:  Channa aurantimaculata

Common name:  Golden Cobra, Orangespotted Snakehead

Family:  Channidae

Order:  Perciformes

Class:  Actinopterygii

Maximum size:  40 cm / 16 inches

Environment:  freshwater

Origin:  Channa aurantimaculata (Orangespotted Snakehead) is found in theBrahmaputra River basin, northern Assam, India

Temperament:  Predatory

Company:  Channa aurantimaculata (Orangespotted Snakehead) should not be kept with smaller fishes.

Water parameters:  Temperature 22-28 C / 72-82 F; pH 6-7.5

Aquarium setup:  Channa aurantimaculata (Orangespotted Snakehead) needs a large aquarium. The aquarium tank should be well planted with open areas to swim on. Make sure to offer hiding places for the fishes. Channa aurantimaculata (Orangespotted Snakehead) breeds air and can suffocate if they are preventing to reach the surface to breed.

Feeding:  Channa aurantimaculata (Orangespotted Snakehead) accepts most large meaty foods.

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