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Red Tail Golden Giant Gourami 13cm-15cm

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Scientific Name : Osphronemus goramy

Common Names : Giant Gourami

Care Level : Easy

Size : to 27 inches (70 cm), common sizes are around 17 inches (45 cm) (ref:fishbase)

Water Parameters : pH 6.5 - 8 | Temperature range 68°F - 86°F (20°C - 30°C)

Lifespan : long lived, 10 plus years

Origin / Habitat : Asia - lives in swamps, lakes, canals and river systems

Temperament / Behavior : May eat smaller fish and may bully other fish and may fight with other giant gourami

Giant Gourami Breeding : Bubble nest builder. Male will place eggs into the bubble nest after spawning and guard it until hatching. Female should be removed from the breeding tank after eggs are in the nest. Eggs will hatch within a day or two.

Minimum Tank Size : 200 gallons plus

Giant Gourami Tank Mates : Larger fish species or fish big enough not to be harassed or on the menu. Like minded, large bodied fish which means an even larger tank if you want to keep them in with other large species.

Diet / Foods : An omnivore - they eat smaller fish, insects, worms, frogs, weeds. A larger tropical pellet food can form their primary diet but supplement with live/thawed foods.

Tank Region : Middle region

Gender : Male's dorsal fin is pointed, males may become darker color during spawning