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Flagtail Prochilodus 飞凤 2.5" - 3"

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Common name:Silver Prochilodus, Flagtail Prochilodus
Scientific name:Semaprochilodus taeniurus
Synonyms:Prochilodus taeniurus (not valid)
Size:10" (25cm)
Origin:Amazon basin, Brazil and Colombia.
Tank setup:Large tank (4ft/120cm plus) with a few tough plants and pieces of bogwood, sandy substrate.
Compatibility:Usually peaceful, but can be territorial.
Temperature:23-26oC (73-79oF)
Water chemistry:Not critical, but does better in soft, acidic (pH 6.0-6.8) water.
Feeding:Herbivore: algae and home prepared veg: lettuce, cucumber, peas - also flake and granular/pellet foods with higher veggie content. May nibble on plants.
Breeding:Unknown in aquaria. In the wild they migrate to spawning grounds (i.e. they are Potamodromous).
Comments:This species may be confused with a very similar species, Semaprochilodus insignis, which also reaches a similar size.