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EHK Spirolina Fish Food 鱼饲料 900g

RM 19.50

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Spirolina - Merah Keemasan - 增强各种鱼儿色彩

  • Brand : EHK
  • Quantity : 900g
  • Premium specialists fish food
  • Never cloud the water
  • Floating type
  • For tropical fish

1. EHK FISH FOOD is specially designed as an economical daily fish food. This superior quality fish food can be used for African Cichlids, Tropical Fish, Goldfish and Koi.

2. EHK FISH FOOD is made with good raw materials and well-balanced ingredients that promote appetite and keep the fish healthy and beautiful.

特征 :
1. EHK 鱼饲料专门设计为经济的日常鱼类饲料。 这种优质鱼类鱼饲料可用于非洲慈鲷,热带鱼,金鱼和锦鲤。

2. EHK 鱼饲料采用优质原料和均衡成分制成,可促进食欲,保持鱼类健康美丽。