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Delhezi Bichir 班傑恐龍 4.5"

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Polypterus Delhezi Bichir 班傑恐龍 4"

Temperature: 72-82°F (22-27°C) 

pH: 6.0-8.0 

Hardness: 5-25°H 

Maximum Standard Length: 30″ (75cm). However this is rarely achieved in captivity. 

Diet: Polypterus Delhezi is carnivorous by nature and will not usually accept dried foods in aquarium, though some specimens have been known to take pelleted varieties. The most suitable options are meaty live or frozen foods such as prawns, earthworms, mussel, lancefish etc. 

本质上是肉食性的,并且通常不会接受水族箱中的干食物,尽管已知一些标本采用颗粒状品种。 最合适的选择是肉类生活或冷冻食品,如虾,蚯蚓,贻贝,lancefish等。