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Cuban Cichlid 古巴酋长 慈鲷鱼 3"

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Scientific Name: Nandopsis tetracanthus
Common Name(s): Cuban Cichlid 古巴酋长 慈鲷鱼
Origin: Rivers and lakes of Cuba
Diet: Carnivore
Gender Differences: Dimorphic
Maximum Size: 10"
Temperature: 78°F
pH: 7.5
Water Hardness: Hard
Sexing: Can be challenge to differentiate sexes even when large.Adult males are larger, with elongated dorsal and ventral fins
Breeding: Its best to start with 6 young fish and let them select their own mate. The pair will select a flat surface on which to lay their eggs.  Eggs hatch in 5 days and wigglers are moved to pre-dug pits. Fry are free swimming in 7 more days. Feed baby brine shrimp and daphnia.
Behavior: Cuban cichlids are aggressive fish and best kept with other large Central American cichlids, large catfish and plecostomus. A minimum tank size would be 55 gallons. Cubans love to dig and move gravel. They are hardy fish but its best to do frequent water changes.