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Calico Comet Goldfish 么草金鱼 4"

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Calico Goldfish often have patches of red, yellow, grey and black along with dark speckles on a blue background. This coloration usually extends over the fins

Calico Shubunkin
Although calico coloration occurs in many fancy goldfish varieties such as telescope eyes, fantails, ryukins, orandas, and ranchus, the nacreous scale characteristic is usually exclusive to the shubunkins which are single-tailed fish that are similar to the common goldfish and could grow up to 12 inches in length.

印花布金鱼经常有红色,黄色,灰色和黑色的斑块以及蓝色背景上的深色斑点。 这种颜色通常延伸到鳍上

印花布 Shubunkin
虽然在许多花哨的金鱼品种如望远镜眼睛,扇尾,ryukins,orandas和ranchus中发生了印花布着色,但是珍珠质特征通常是独特的shubunkins,它是单尾鱼,类似于普通的金鱼,可以长大 到12英寸长。

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