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Cleaner Magnet 磁力鱼缸刷 RS60

RM 18.00

  • Algae on the inside of the tank can ruin the look of even the nicest aquarium and most beautiful fish.
  • The easy and fun way to clean aquarium glass, with no awkward long-handled tools or dunking your whole arm into the tank.
  • In an elegantly simple design, strong magnets lock the two parts of the cleaner together through your aquarium's glass, so the cleaning brush on the inside follows the handle on the outside.
  • The inside piece has short plastic bristles to safely clean away algae, and the outside handle has an easy-slide felt surface.
  • If the two sections should become separated, it's no problem; the inside piece will float to the surface.
  • Dimensions: 3.7'' x 1.8'' x 3.1''; great for small to medium aquariums