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Chocolate Gourami 巧克力飞船 1"

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Chocolate Gourami 巧克力飞船

  • Adult Size : 2.5 inches  
  • Lifespan : 5 to 8 years

Chocolate gouramis originate from Borneo, Malacca, the Malaysian Peninsula, and Sumatra. Known for their gentle, shy nature, they should only be kept if the owner is willing to provide the special care this species requires. For those who want to take on the challenge, this fish is a beautiful and interesting species to keep.

Colors and Markings :

Like many gourami species, these fish have a flat oval-shaped body, small head, and pointed mouth. Its common name refers to the dark chocolate brown color of this gourami, which can vary slightly from reddish-brown to greenish-brown. Three to five yellow-white stripes run vertically through the body. The fins are long and edged in yellow, with the caudal fin slightly forked. 

巧克力飞船鱼来自婆罗洲,马六甲,马来西亚半岛和苏门答腊。 以其温柔,害羞的性质而闻名,只有在主人愿意提供该物种所需的特殊护理时才能保留它们。 对于那些想要接受挑战的人来说,这种鱼是一种美丽而有趣的物种。 

像许多gourami鱼一样,这些鱼有扁椭圆形的身体,小头和尖嘴。 它的俗名是指这种吻口鱼的黑巧克力棕色,从红棕色到绿褐色略有不同。 三到五条黄白色条纹垂直穿过身体。 翅片很长,边缘呈黄色,尾鳍稍微分叉。