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Channa Bankanensis 鴛鴦斑 / 斑卡雷龍 3"

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Chana Bankanensis 鴛鴦斑 / 斑卡雷龍

Many species of snakehead look very attractive as juveniles. Channa bankanensis is no exception from that rule. The reason for the sometimes extraordinary change in coloration is the behaviour. Juvenile Channa are usually schooling fish. Depending on the species they swim in close schools up to a length of 3 cm or even 15 cm. The contrasting juvenile coloration has two basic reasons: first, it helps conspecifics to identify other fish as members of the same species, and second it confuseses predators for the silhouette of the single specimen is only hard to detect in a school. 

许多蛇头看起来像青少年一样非常有吸引力。 Channa bankanensis也不例外。 有时色彩变化的原因是行为。 少年Channa通常是学校鱼。 根据物种的不同,他们在密集的学校游泳,长度可达3厘米甚至15厘米。 对比鲜明的青少年颜色有两个基本原因:第一,它有助于同类识别其他鱼类作为同一物种的成员,其次它混淆捕食者的单个标本的轮廓只是在学校很难察觉。(中文:英语翻译成中文)