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Cat Food CAMPEAO Cat Adult Tuna & Chicken 10kg

RM 118.50

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Brand: Campeao

Model: Cat Adult

Flavor: Tuna & Chicken

Type of Pet Food : Complete Pet Food for Adult Cat

Packaging : 1.5kg & 10kg


  • Balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus to help the growth and development.
  • Selected high quantity of fish and chicken with good palatability to provide the essential amino acid for growth

Analisis Bahan:
Protein Kasar 28%, Minyak dan lemak mentah (2% pulpa bit, Yucca schidigera 125 mg/kg), lemak ayam, mil ikan (4% tuna), esktrak protein sayur-sayuran, mineral, protein poltri terhidrolisis, yis (sumber MOS 450 mg/kg)