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XY-2831 Bubble Filter 生化棉过滤器

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  • Sponge filters provide both mechanical and biological filtration
  • Provides the ideal location for bacterial colonization.
  • Does not trap fish fry. Suitable filter when breeding and spawning Discus, Dwarf cichlids, guppies, and killifish.
  • Simply install an airline into the unit and provide both aeration and filtration for your fish.
  • Aerobic bacteria colonize the sponge providing a bacterial substance to facilitate the nitrogen cycle.
  • the sponge traps larger waste particles mechanically cleaning the water without trapping baby fish.
  • They are useful for as breeding filter or as secondary filter. Or they can be used as pre-filtration unit by fitting to an external or a top filter.
  • Dimension: 5"L x 1.8"W x 5.5" H
  • Max Tank Size: 10 Gallon

- 海绵过滤器提供机械和生物过滤
- 提供细菌定植的理想位置。
- 不捕捞鱼苗。 繁殖和产卵铁饼,矮鲷,孔雀鱼和杀螨  的适当过滤器。
- 只需将航空安装到设备中,即可为您的鱼提供通风和过滤。
- 好氧细菌在海绵中定殖,提供细菌物质以促进氮循环。
- 海绵捕获较大的废物颗粒机械清洁水而不捕获婴儿鱼。
- 它们可用作繁殖过滤器或二级过滤器。 或者它们可以通过安装到外部或顶部过滤器而用作预过滤单元。
- 尺寸:5“长x 1.8”宽x 5.5“高
- 最大坦克尺寸:10加仑


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