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Buaian Kucing 宠物吊床 Pet Hammock

RM 28.50

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Size : 18 x 18 inch

  • Pet plush hammock for pet sleeping or napping.
  • Suitable for kitten, ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, pet rats, and other small animals.
  • Bottom with bell, an play the it when below the hammock.
  • With the canvas material, warm and durable.
  • Canvas tape in each corner with reinforced stitching for added strength.
  • Attach quickly and easily to any cage with the included spring clips.
  • With the spring clips in four corners, it can be hung in cage or anywhere you want.
  • The material is easy to wash and clean.

  • 宠物睡觉或小睡的宠物长毛绒吊床。
  • 适用于小猫,雪貂,豚鼠,南美栗鼠,宠物鼠和其他小动物。
  • 底部有铃,可以在吊床下面玩。
  • 采用毛绒和帆布材质,保暖耐用。
  • 每个角落的帆布胶带采用加固缝线,增加强度。
  • 使用随附的弹簧夹快速轻松地连接到任何笼子。
  • 弹簧夹在四个角落,可以挂在笼子里或任何你想要的地方。
  • 该材料易于清洗和清洁。