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Blue Jewel Cichlid 蓝宝石

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Scientific Name : Hemichromis bimaculatus 

Size : 5.5 inches (14 cm) 

pH : 7 - 7.5 

Temperature : 70°F - 74°F (21°C - 23°C) 

Lifespan : 5 years or longer 

Feeding the Jewel Cichlid should be a breeze since they will accept nearly all fish foods you give them. Give them a varied diet of frozen, live, flakes and pellets and they should reward you with great health and colors.

Again, think twice before putting a Jewel Cichlid in a tank with less aggressive fish species. If you're keeping only one Jewel you might be ok, but keeping pairs will be a problem when keeping them with other fish. They also like to dig, so keeping them with live plants may be difficult.

Gender difficult to determine, but males may become even more brilliantly colored when breeding.

喂养宝石慈鲷应该是一件轻而易举的事,因为它们几乎可以接受你给它们的所有鱼类食物。 给他们各种各样的冷冻,生活,薄片和颗粒饮食,他们应该奖励你的健康和色彩。

再次,在将Jewel Cichlid放入具有较少侵略性鱼类的坦克之前,请三思而后行。 如果你只保留一颗宝石,你可能会没问题,但保持配对会成为与其他鱼类保持一致的问题。 他们也喜欢挖掘,因此用活植物保存它们可能很困难。