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Black Ghost Knife Fish

RM 8.50

Scientific name: Apteronotus albifrons
  • Diet: Frozen, Freeze-dried
  • Maximum size: 20"
  • Water temperature: 72-82° F
  • Swimming level: Bottom
  • Experience level: Advanced
  • Tank Setup: 75+ gallons, lightly planted

Note: Pet availability is seasonal.

True to their name, knifefish have a long, tapered body akin to a household knife. As juveniles, these fish swim in groups of five or more of the same species. As they mature, the school tends to loosen and can become aggressive toward other tankmates. Knifefish can share their aquarium with other large species of fish that will not nip at their fins. Be aware that they may try to eat any fish that's small enough to fit in their mouth.

You will find that your knifefish is most active at night. Because knifefish are nocturnal, they should be fed duringnighttime hours with the lights turned off. Feed as much food as they will consume within five minutes. You will see your knifefish swimming in the middle or at the bottom of your aquarium. To create a beautiful environment, be sure to add some top swimmers as well. .

Knifefish need a very long or large aquarium that is 40 gallons or more.

Provide plenty of hiding places in the form of rockwork and roots or a hiding tube, as well as plants on the sides and back of the aquarium, leaving room in the center for swimming.