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BIOZYM 3 in 1 Water Test Kit 3合1测试剂

RM 55.00

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Biozym 3in1 tester kit is a high accuracy and convenient set for quick test aquarium water. 

Features & Details :

  1. Testing NH3, NH4+, PH, NO2
  2. Triple - A box can test PH, Ammonia and Nitrogen.
  3. High Accuracy - Comparison of colour card, test result at a glance.
  4. Easy To Use - No need for frequent.

A trusted brand to test your water pH, Ammonia & Nitrite!
pH Acidity & Alkalinity in your water plays a huge role, some fish has a huge pH value tolerance and some doesn't, do a research and you will know what's the best for your dear ones!
Ammonia & Nitrite are one of the most toxic substances accumulated over time in your water. They are mostly come from fish waste & uneaten food. So beware and test it out!

氨和亚硝酸盐是水中随时间积累的毒性最大的物质之一。 他们大多来自鱼类废物和未吃的食物。 所以要小心并测试它!(中文: 英语翻译成中文)

Direction :

Instruction for PH:

  1. Rinse the test tube with the water to be tested, and put 5 ml of water to be tested into the test tube. 
  2. Add 5 drops of No. 1 reagent to the test tube and shake it from side to side. 
  3. Add 5 drops of No. 2 reagent to the test tube and shake well. 
  4. Wait for 1 minute or so to compare the color in the blank of the color chart. The color closest to the color of the color card is the content of Ammonia in the water sample. 
  5. After the test, rinse the test tube with tap water for the next use.

Instruction for NO2:

  1. Add powder of solution 3 into solution 2, shake 1~2 mins   
  2. Clean the tube and add in 10ml water   
  3. Add 1 solution 5 drops   
  4. Add 2 solution 5 drops   
  5. Wait 1 minute, compare with color card   
  6. Clean the tube after test

Instruction for NH3/NH4:

  1. Clean the tube, add in 5ml water  
  2. Add in 5 drops solution 1  
  3. Add in 5 drops solution 2  
  4. Wait 1 minute, compare with color card  
  5. Clean the tube after test