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Biochemical Filter Mat 生化棉过滤毯 XY-1866

RM 28.50


Size 尺寸: 100 x 15.5 x 1.5 (cm)

  • Latest technology, advanced environmentally friendly materials, beautiful, durable and easy to clean.
  • Special inter layers structure. The outer mesh can stop the large, difficult break down particles.
  • Middle layer can provide close standing vertical small fibers, can provide large surface for nitrifying bacteria living, purify water, make fish less sickness and death.
  • Fibers vertical standing, it is good for water flowing, not easy to block.

生化毯产品特点 :  一个让硝化细菌快速繁殖的“神毯”

  • 最新技术生产,采用高级环保材料,美观,耐用,易清洗.
  • 特殊夹层结构。外层网布可阻挡较大的,不易分解的颗粒杂物.
  • 中间层技术性的纵向密排细微纤维丝,可提供超高比表面积供硝化细菌寄生,净化水质,使鱼类少生病,减少鱼类死亡.
  • 纤维丝纵向排列,有利于水流通过,不易堵塞。