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Bio Home Filter Media 6"

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Bio Home is a highly efficient biological filter media manufactured from sintered glass. It can house billions of beneficial bacteria which aids in the elimination of substances which are toxic to fish, such as ammonia, Nitrite and also Nitrate. Bio Home is by far the most functional and cost effective aquarium filter media available. Beneficial bacteria attaches and lives in Bio Home far more effectively than on plastic and other media. By doing this,

Bio Home promotes faster growth and colonisation of this good bacteria which is the key to healthy water free from toxins such as ammonia, nitrite & even nitrate.

Bio Home is safe, not harmful to fish and can be used in fresh water as well as salt water environments. Bio Home will not have any effect on water pH or change the mineral balance in your aquarium. It is also the most efficient and cost effective biological media available for Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, and other beneficial bacteria which adapt themselves to function in abnormally low oxygen conditions.

Nitrosomonas is a bacteria organism which oxidizes ammonia (caused by fish waste, uneaten food etc) into nitrite as a metabolic process. Nitrobacter also plays a very important role in the nitrogen cycle by then oxidizing nitrite into nitrate – essential in the ‘cycle’ process of an aquarium. It is this nitrogen cycle which keeps fish alive and healthy. Fish will not survive long without this critical cycle process taking place. Bio Home assists in this process more effectively than other media.

The structure of the sintered glass particles ensure excellent water flow through each individual Bio Homepellet. This reduces the clogging from waste which you find in other porous filter media. When media get clogged with waste particles, it’s efficiency is reduced substantially. Bio Home allows water to flow freely around and through the media reducing clogging, giving more room for beneficial bacteria to grow & live.

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