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BETTAS Dan Bao Hong Fish Food 丹宝红鱼饲料 1kg

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Merah Keemasan - 增强各种鱼儿色彩

  • Brand : BETTAS
  • Quantity : 1kg


DAN BAO HONG is balance feed that helps enhance the redness of the body after two weeks of consumption. This advanced and good quality feed makes the fish more healthy and also helps thrust up the fish head and to enhance redness. It also contains natural carotenoid and shrimp meal to increase resistance against diseases.

 特征 :
丹宝红是平衡饲料,有助于在服用两周后增强身体的发红。 这种先进和优质的饲料使鱼更健康,也有助于推动鱼头和增强发红。 它还含有天然类胡萝卜素和虾粉,以增加对疾病的抵抗力。