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Artemia Cysts (Brine Shrimp) 丰年虾 CPAC 425g

RM 250.00

Sentry Artemia is a premium feed for post larvae shrimp. Sourced from a pristine salt lake in Russia it is guaranteed viral free. Nauplii hatched from quality artemia cysts are perhaps the best natural source of essential nutrition for newborn shrimp or fish available on the market

For Optimal Hatching:
Use 2 gr. cysts per liter of water
Salinity: 30 PPT
Optimum pH: 8.0
Optimum water Temp is 28-30C
Provide continuous artificial or natural light.
Hatch for 24 - 30 hours
Aerate vigorously to keep cysts suspended and circultating

- Store in a dry place below 5C
- Temperatures above 5C can reduce the quality of the product- The packaging should be kept carefully closed.

Product Information
- Guaranteed Analysis: Protein - 60%, Fat - 24%, Ash - 4.4%, Moisture - 8.5%

Manufactured by: CPAC Animal Health

Developed for Aquaculture
Not for Human Consumption