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Artemia Cysts (Brine shrimp eggs) INVE 425g

RM 270.00

For Optimal Hatching
- Wash and clean the tank
- Use filtered sea water.
- Salinity: 25 -35ppt
- pH: 8.0
- Incubate up 2.5g of cysts per liter water
- Apply vigorous aeration from the bottom of the tank
- Always maintain water temperature at 28C to 30C
- Do not exceed 30C. Optimal temperature: 29C
- Provide continuous artificial or natural light.
- After hatching, harvest and rinse the nauplii.

- Store in a dry place below 5C
- Temperatures above 5C can reduce the quality of the product- The packaging should be kept carefully closed.

Product Information
- Guaranteed Analysis: Protein - 60%, Fat - 24%, Ash - 4.4%, Moisture - 8.5%

Manufactured by: INVE (Thailand) Ltd
Engineered by INVE Technologies NV, Belgium

Developed for Aquaculture
Not for Human Consumption