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Aquarium U Tank (S,M,L,XL,XXL)

RM 45.00

* We are unable to postage delivery for this item. Welcome for cash and self collection. 

* 容易粹裂物品, 我们无法为此商品邮寄, 欢迎现金与自取.

  • Streamline appearance and clear view, Curved 'U' shape, modern and fashionable design.

  • High resistance of pressure and strong shock resistance. The good weathering resistance, excellent transparency.

  • Easy to maintain and clean, it can be scrubbed with soap and soft cloth.

  • Anti-slip layer at bottom.

  • without top cover.

  • Size : Length x Width x Height (in cm)

      S : 30x18x20 (cm)
     M : 35x21x23 (cm)
      L : 40x24x25 (cm)
   XL : 50x27x30 (cm)
XXL : 60x30x35 (cm)