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AQUADINE Cloudiness Remover Special 200ml 水靈水清特效药

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AQUADINE Cloudiness Remover Special 200ml 水靈水清特效药 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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  • Aquadine "Algae, Cloudiness Remover special'' is the newly developed fish medicine used to prevent algae growth & to clear cloudiness in the aquarium water with in 24 hours. 
  • Prevention of Algae growth is the most effective when the tank is first filled. Correct amount of  medicine should be added every time when the water is changed
  • Dosage: 1 capful of medicine to 8 gallons of water
    (1 cu ft of water = 6.2 Gallon)

  • 水靈除苔, 水清特效药是最新配合的水族缸用药品。用以防止青苔生长及在24小时内清除水族缸中水質, 防止青苔生长最佳注效果是在於当水族缸刚加入水时,同时也加入这药水,每次换水时必须加入适量的药水。
  • 用法:每8加仑水加入一瓶盖药水
    (1立方英尺水= 6.2加仑)
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