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AQUA GUARD White Spot Eliminator 250ml

RM 7.50

AQUA GUARD White Spot Eliminator treats white spot disease effectively. White spot disease has a multi-staged life cycle, and is invisible in its early stages when it burrows into gill and skin tissue, causing severe electrolyte loss and gill damage in addition to promoting secondary bacterial and/or fungal infections.

  • Treats white spot disease within 36 hours.
  • Suitable for all freshwater tropical fish.
  • Only suitable for ornamental fish.
  • Please change 1/3 of water before medication treatment.


  • 1 Cap = 20ml
  • 10ml Treat 160 Litres
  • 20ml Treat 320 Litres
  • 1 Bottle 250ml Treat 4000 Litres 
  • * Height x Width x Length x 28.32 = Water Capacity (Litres) 


- 在36小时内治疗白斑病。
- 适合所有淡水热带鱼。
- 仅适合观赏鱼类。
- 用药前请换1/3的水。

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