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American Flag Fish 美国旗 (Algae Eating/吃青苔高手) 1.5"

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American Flag Fish 美国旗 (Algae Eating/吃青苔高手) 1.5" Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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The flagfish or American flagfish is a pupfish native to Florida. It received its name because the male fish resembles the American flag, with a large black/blue dot and alternating red and black/blue stripes on its body. It is a common, native fish in Florida that is occasionally found in fish stores. 

旗鱼或美洲旗鱼是佛罗里达州的一种小鱼。 之所以得名,是因为雄性鱼类似于美国国旗,它的身体上有一个大的黑/蓝点和交替的红色和黑色/蓝色条纹。 它是佛罗里达州常见的本地鱼类,偶尔在鱼类商店中发现。(中文: 英语翻译成中文)

Scientific NameJordanella floridae
Common NameAmerican Flagfish
Water TypeCold water Fish, ponds
Size6-7 cm Max
Water Conditions18-24°C, 5-20 dGH, 6.0-8.0,
Tank SizePond or 70 litre tank

*Note 备注: Due to maturity and growing up period, colors of products may appear different to those shown on the site. 由于成熟和成长期, 产品的颜色可能与网站上显示的颜色不同.

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