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Alligator Gar 鳄鱼火箭 4"

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 Common Name: Alligator Gar

Scientific Name: Atractosteus Spatula

The body of an alligator gar is torpedo-shaped, usually brown or olive fading to a lighter gray or yellow ventral surface. Their scales are not like the scales of other fishes; rather, they are ganoid scales which are bone-like, diamond-shaped scales, often with serrated edges, and covered by an enamel-like substance. Ganoid scales are nearly impenetrable and are excellent protection against predation. Unlike other gar species, the upper jaw of an alligator gar has a dual row of large, sharp teeth which are used to impale and hold prey. Alligator gar are stalking, ambush predators, primarily piscivores.

 Alligator Gar 的身体是鱼雷形的,通常是棕色或橄榄色,褪色到较浅的灰色或黄色腹面。它们的鳞片不像其他鱼类的鳞片;相反,它们是ganoid鳞片,它们是骨状的菱形鳞片,通常具有锯齿状边缘,并被珐琅质物质覆盖。 Ganoid鳞片几乎是不可穿透的,是对捕食的极好保护。与其他雀类不同,鳄鱼雀的上颚有两排大而锋利的牙齿,用于刺穿和保持猎物。鳄鱼雀是跟踪,伏击食肉动物,主要是食鱼动物.