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ADVANCED Soil for Plant 植物土壤 3L & 8L

RM 52.50

  • for plant or low pH species
  • most reliable, good quality of the soil
  • selected natural raw material baked
  • no need to wash and firmly pellet provide crystal clear water condition
  • to pour the soil as the base of your tank in 8-10cm thickness of the high of the volume

• 精心挑選天然原料燒結而成.
• 適合水生物, 植物生長.
• 富含微量元素.
• 大小顆粒適中, 有效創造自然環境, 不用洗滌
• 可直接使用.
• 不污染水質,不易崩解.
• 是最強的機能性過濾材料, 耐用性特優.