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A) Local Delivery

Delivery for Malaysian Customers is easy and quick, for most of the items.

You may find every item has indications as below


* Next Day Delivery = Items are ordered online via shopping cart. If payment is received before 2.00pm, we will deliver on the same working day, and you'll receive on the next working day. The payment shall include Estimate Shipping Cost.

Working day means from Monday to Friday. If you order on Friday, we will deliver on Monday (for live fish / pets, we'd ship on Monday and arrive on Tuesday.)

For any Public Holiday falls on weekday, for live animal, we will send out on the next working day. For e.g., if your payment made on Monday and the public holiday falls on Tuesday, we will send out on Wednesday.

** We normally shipout on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 1 or 2 days before weekend or public holiday is not encouraged, as the delivery may fall on holiday, and it would further delay the delivery.


* Limited Delivery Areas = We could special deliver to the below places:

Penang, Kedah (Kulim, Sungai Petani), Perak (Parit Buntar, Bagan Serai)

Delivery can be arranged, and charges may applied. Please call to arrange.


Kuala Lumpur - collect at our transport company office at Cheras. Delivery is on next day morning. Charges is applied. Please call to arrange.


* Cash & Carry = Items are sold in cash and carry away by customers themselve.


We are using courier service companies such as Kangaroo, Skynet, GDex, Pos Laju etc.


With more than 10year of shipping experience, we are confident with our packing methods. Therefore we guarantee 100% alive for live fish orders.


For live fish shipment, in any case of DOA (death on arrival), we'd request to be notified within 24hrs after arrival. As a proof, we need the picture of death fish in the unopened bag. After verification, we can replace the same value fishes, or items in next order, but without freight cost covered.


B) International Delivery

1) For International customers, we can't deliver live fish to your door step, even we'd love to do so. We could only deliver up to your nearest international airport. You would require to claim your fish cargo by yourself or you may appoint your local forwarding agent to do so.


2) Most orders ship in 1 week after payment received.


3) Shipping hours depends on destination airport. For Asia, it arrives on next day. For US, it takes about 40hours.


4) Freight cost is FOB Penang.


5) With more than 10year of shipping experience, we are confident with our shipping procedures and packing methods. Therefore we guarantee 100% alive for live fishes.


6) For live fish shipment, in any case of DOA (death on arrival), we'd request to be notified within 24hrs after arrival. As a proof, we need the picture of 1) death fish in the bag; 2) death fish outside the bag; 3) all related pictures such as box damages, etc. After verification. we will replace the same value fishes or items in next shipment.

7) Prior 48hrs to the arrival of your shipment, we will email the documents below for your custom declaration upon the arrival of the cargo.

i)   Air Way Bill (AWB) with AWB No.

ii)  Malaysian Fish Health Certificate
iii) Packing List
iv) Shipping Invoice
v)  US or European Fish Health Certificate (for USA & Europe)
vi) Annex II (for Europe on Cold water Fishes)


8) Our airport is Penang International Airport, and the Airlines companies are Malaysian Airlines, Air Asia, Singapore Airlines, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways, etc.



9) Total Freight Cost is basically summation of the below:


- Weight/Dimensional Charges (Table 3) by Airlines Company
- Fuel Surcharge (Table 3) by Airlines Company
- Terminal Charges (Table 4) by Departure Airport Cargo
- Security & Insurance (Table 4) by Airlines Company
- Documents Charges (Table 4) by Penang Fisheries Dept & Runner's handling Fee
- Packing Labour & Materials (Table 4) by Penang Sea Garden Aquatic


10)Here are the useful information for your import consideration.


We normally use 2 types of boxes, namely M1 (big) and M2 (standard). Table 1 below show the estimation weight in full load.


Box Type Full Load Weight (Estimated in kgs) Dimension (cm)
Small Box (M2) 15 - 18 kgs 20" L x 15" W x 15" H
Big Box (M1) 22 - 30 kgs 25" L x 20" W x 15" H
Note: - Small Box (M2)is commonly used
          - The full load weight is very much depend on what type of fish pack.



Table 2 gives the maximum fish quantity per box.


Size (excl. tail length) Discus Fish Other Tropicals
2.0" 60pcs Specify in our stocklist
2.5" 46pcs Specify in our stocklist
3.0" 20pcs Specify in our stocklist
3.5" 15pcs Specify in our stocklist
4.0" 12pcs Specify in our stocklist
4.5" 10pcs Specify in our stocklist
5" 8pcs Specify in our stocklist
6" 6pcs Specify in our stocklist
7" - Specify in our stocklist
8" and above - Specify in our stocklist


Table 3 show the City Airport that we could deliver. Please noted that the rates are not updated. It is for  your references.


Country (alpha. order) City Airport (alpha. order) Weight Rate (RM /kg) Fuel Surcharge (RM / kg) Recommended Airlines
Below 100kg 100kg & exceed
South Africa Johannesburg 15.90 12.90 3.80 Cathay Pacific
Australia Melbourne 20.11 7.90 1.00 Singapore Airlines
Bahraine Bahraine (BAH) 19.06 8.70 2.28 Cathay Pacific
Belgium Brussel 21.90   2.28 Thai Airways
Brunei Darulsalam Bandar Seri Bergawan 5.71     Singapore Airlines
Brasil Sao Paulo   17.60 2.28 KLM Airlines
Canada Montreal 17.50 16.61 2.28 KLM Airlines
Toronto 20.42 16.20   KLM Airlines
Vancouver (VAN) 19.15 11.20   Singapore Airlines
Denmark Copenhagen   12.20 3.80 Singapore Airlines
Germany Franfurt   11.20 2.28 Singapore Airlines
Greece Athen (ATH) 29.54 14.6 2.28  
Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok IA 7.14 4.40 0.90 Cathay Pacific
India Bangalore 5.00 ( > 45kgs) 0.00 Air Asia
Chennai 4.80 ( > 45kgs) 0.00 Air Asia
Indonesia Medan (Polonial Int. Airport) 2.01   Malaysia Airlines
Jakarta 5.33 0.80 Malaysia Airlines
Surabaya (Juanda Int. Airport) 5.71 4.75    Singapore / Malaysia Airlines
Japan Osaka KIX Airport 9.84 6.70   Singapore Airlines
Philippines Manila (Ninoy Aquino) 6.56   0.70 Malaysia Airlines
Poland Poland Warsaw Airport 20.42 12.00    
New Zealand Auckland 29.57 10.00 1.00  
christchurch   7.80 0.00 Air Asia
Romania Bucharest   12.80 2.28 KLM
Singapore Changi Int. Airport 2.88  


Singapore Airlines
South Africa Cape Town   15.60 2.28 KLM Airlines
Johannesburg 55.14   2.28 Singapore Airlines
Thailand Bangkok   3.50 0.20 Malaysia Airlines
United Kingdom London Heathrow (LON) 36.00 11.20   Singapore Airlines
Manchester (MAN ) 20.42 12.00   Malaysia Airlines


20.25 14.30 2.28 China Airlines
Los Angeles (LAX) 19.15 10.50 2.28 Singapore Airlines
Newark (EWR) 30.30 12.50 2.28 Singapore Airlines
San Francisco (SFO) 28.50 11.70 2.28 Singapore Airlines
Chicago O'Hare (ORD) 19.15 14.50 2.28 China Airlines
New York (JFK) 19.15 14.50 2.28 China Airlines
Miami (MIA)   17.70 3.70 China Airlines / Cathay Pacig
Seattle Washington 19.20 14.50   China Airlines
Dallas 30.30 12.30 2.28 Singapore Airlines
Houston Bush Int. Airport (IAH) 22.30 13.70    
Ukraine Boryspill (KBP)   14.50 2.28 KLM Airlines
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 3.80 (> 45kgs) 0.00 Air Asia
Note 1: Currency US$ 1.00 = RM 3.20
Note 2: The quoted rates are not up-to-dates. It is meant for your own freight cost estimation only.




Table 4 is the misc. charges.


Charges Rate Comments
Terminal Charges  Minimum RM 15.00 /Shipment Below 100kgs
OR RM 0.15 /kg 100kg & exceed
Security & Insurance  RM 0.38  /kg   

Document Charges (Health Cert, Custom forms, etc)

RM 180.00 /shipment  
Packing Labour & Material Costs RM 40.00 /box