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Forest Snakehead 3"

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Species name:  Channa lucius

Synonym:  Ophicephalus lucius; Ophiocephalus polylepis; Ophiocephalus bistriatus; Ophiocephalus bivittatus

Common name:  Splendid Snakehead

Family:  Channidae

Order:  Perciformes

Class:  Actinopterygii

Maximum size:  40 cm / 16 inches

Environment:  freshwater

Origin:  Channa lucius (Splendid Snakehead) is found in rivers inf southeastern Sumatra and the Kapuas basin of western Kalimantan

Temperament:  Aggressive

Company:  Channa lucius (Splendid Snakehead) should not be kept in aquariums smaller than 2/3 of the species size.

Water parameters:  Temperature 22-28?C / 72-82? F; pH 5.5-6

Aquarium setup:  Channa lucius (Splendid Snakehead) is best kept in a pond or a large aquarium. The aquarium or pond should be decorated so that there are large open areas and a few hiding places. Plants are only necessary if you want to breed the species. They need to have access to the surface to survive.

Feeding:  Channa lucius (Splendid Snakehead) will accept most meaty food.

Breeding:  Channa lucius (Splendid Snakehead) builds nest from plant part and both parents guard the eggs and young.

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