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Channa Sterwatii 鬼王蓝宝石雷龙 / 巴卡二型 5"

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Channa Sterwatii 鬼王蓝宝石雷龙 / 巴卡二型 5" Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Channa, commonly known as Snakeheads, are primitive predatory fish and members of the family Channidae. They are a group of perciform (perch-like) fishes whose affinities are unknown, although recent studies on the molecular phylogeny of bony fishes consider snakeheads as most closely related to the labyrinth fishes (anabantoids) and the synbranchiform eels, which include the spiny eels.

The genus Channa contains 31 species that are native thoughout Asia from are native from
southeastern Iran and eastern Afghanistan eastward through Pakistan, India, southern
Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Sumatra, Indonesia,
Vietnam, Korea, and China northward into Siberia.
3 species of the closely related genera Parachanna are native to parts of Africa.

雷龍, 通常被称为蛇头, 是原始的捕食性鱼类和Channidae科的成员。 虽然最近对骨鱼分子系统发育的研究认为蛇头与迷宫鱼(anabantoids)和包括多刺鳗鱼在内的同种异体鳗鱼最密切相关,但它们是一群perciform(类似鲈鱼)的鱼,其亲缘关系未知。。


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